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Zen schools near Peenya

Secretary- Dr. Sudha Murthy V

Secretary Message
Why Choose Zen schools near Peenya

Enriching our brains with new and valuable information improves our ability to think, analyse and process the world around us. The learning process is important because it results in new knowledge. Knowledge that opens our minds to new perspectives, ideas, beliefs, cultures and solutions. Education at ZIPs goes beyond shaping the students as individuals and enhancing their perspectives. It helps them become a better citizen and build a better society. Find a leading school near Peenya in Bangalore, dedicated to shaping bright futures.

Zen schools near Peenya

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. We aspire to create leaders in every sphere of the society. So that who can positively contribute towards solving the challenges of the world. And to inspire more “job creators” than just “job seekers”.

Zen schools near Peenya

Principal- Dr. Prashanthi Shashikanth

Principal Message
ZIPS, Peenya- A New School of Thought

A warm welcome to Zen International Public School

At ZIPS, Peenya we strongly feel that education is a blend of academic excellence and creativity. As the Principal of the School, my motto is to encourage and empower our students to grow as strong. To make reflective and humble individuals with discerning minds, prepared to make a mark in all spheres of life.

A student is assured of an enriching experience with a healthy balance of academics and a strong co-scholastic program. Technology-aided learning coupled with practices that make learning realistic promotes transference of learning. We will do assessments in an all-inclusive manner to develop significant life skills. Which are decision making, problem solving, team building and effective communication. We ensure that students advance towards new ways of the world. With a strong base of our traditional values and culture. The main thrust of all endeavours at Z.I.P.S is to make each student an independent learner. And also self-motivated to seek answers.

Educate &Excel Your children with Zen schools, Peenya

Our organizers arrange various programs and workshops to provide opportunities for families to connect with each other and with the school. We must pledge our efforts as a team to instill values beyond the learning of textbooks in the young generation. Our management make's every effort to create a child friendly and child safe environment so that schooling becomes a precious experience.

We focus on contextual learning based on a constructivist theory of teaching & learning. This provide techniques such as problem-solving, learning by doing & inquiry-based learning activities. Our teachers help students to test their ideas, draw conclusions and inferences in a collaborative learning environment. Which transforms the students to become active participants in the learning process.

Our teachers possess the professional expertise required to develop, adapt, and modify curriculum, content and pedagogy. And assessment which suit the needs and aspirations of our students. We work towards a holistic, experiential, integrated, student-centred educational system. This helps to improve our young learners to equip them for the ever-changing employment dynamics and global ecosystems. We educate our children to change the world through peace, empathy, and fraternity and place great emphasis on inner values.

Our sincere gratitude to management, staff, parents, and students for keeping your trust and belief in the school. We will continue with the spirit of inculcating ethics & ethos in young minds.

We look forward to working together to support every child to fulfil the school motto: “Service Before Self”. I with my team of dedicated and passionate teachers. We guarantee that we will nurture each child who enters the portals of ZIPS with the utmost care. And to step out as a confident, accomplished individual who will become a worthy citizen of the global society.

Wishing you happy schooling with successful journey of learning!

Zen schools near Peenya